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Outpatient Treatment with Adipose Stem Cells: A Stroke of Luck for Modern Medicine

Most people are unhappy about the padding of subcutaneous fat on one or more parts of their bodies. But these small – or larger – fat deposits have revolutionized medical treatment over the past few years. Because these fatty tissue deposits, often seen as unsightly for aesthetic reasons, contain a miracle weapon which helps to combat a multitude of diseases and disorders: Stem cells.

Numerous studies, performed by medical personnel and researchers for a period of more than 10 years, show: adipose tissue contain a multitude of stem cells – significantly more than can be found in bone marrow. This offers significant advantages for therapy and treatment: stem cells taken from autologous adipose tissue are easy to isolate, they will not be rejected by the body, and they are absolutely harmless from an ethical standpoint. There are no differences in the quality of stem cells taken from adipose tissue in comparison to that taken from bone marrow. Quite the contrary: Because it is impossible to isolate more than a relatively small amount of stem cells from bone marrow, these stem cells must be cultivated to increase their numbers, usually through the introduction of foreign substances. Stem cells taken from adipose tissue may be extracted in large numbers within a short period of time and administered during the same session. Further propagation of cells via cell cultures is not necessary.

Obtaining Stem Cells with the Transpose RT ™ System

The ECOM® Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy uses the CE-certified InGeneron Transpose RT ™ system, built by InGeneron based in Houston, Texas for the isolation of stem cells taken from adipose tissue. This system was created for use in the medical field after years of fundamental research. Within 60 minutes, the regenerative stem cells are quickly and efficiently extracted from the adipose tissue and available for subsequent therapy.

Treatments with stem cells taken from adipose tissue at the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy are generally performed on an outpatient basis. Treatment itself is a gentle process involving a minimum of inconvenience for the patient. Even a small amount of adipose tissue is sufficient for a treatment with stem cells. Shortly after a stem cell therapy, the patient is once again fit and can return to normal daily activities.

For a course of treatment with stem cells taken from adipose tissue we have diverse treatment options: localized treatment carried out via direct injection into the affected tissue or area, a systematically effective intravenous therapy, a combination of localized and systemic (intravenous) treatment, and rejuvenation.


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