Stem Cell Therapy: Vitality for Cell Structures

Stem Cell Therapy: Comprehensive Cell Regeneration

The human body is a complex miracle of nature. Due to its complexity, it is not surprising that all processes do not always operate smoothly. Through vital- and regenerative medical techniques using stem cells, modern medicine’s secret weapon, cells and other structures and systems are regenerated and the bodies processes optimized. The new opportunities made possible through treatment with stem cells are extremely important and pave the way for new methods of treatment against diseases related to modern life such as stress, fatigue, the aging process, gastrointestinal disorders, and skin irritations, among others.

The experts for Vital- und Regenerative Medicine at the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy help the body to regenerate and repair itself with highly effective treatment with stem cells. Targeted use leads to the release of new capacity, generating new energy and vital functions which increase health and the quality of life.

Stem Cell Therapy: Therapy and Beneficial Effects

The field of vital- and regenerative medicine using stem cells functions at a systemic level and repairs/rejuvenates personal physical weaknesses and aesthetic deficiencies. The effects can be felt on many different levels: energy and vitality increase, the skin’s structure is improved and it has a fresher, more youthful appearance, impeded bodily functions such as the immune system, digestion and circulation receive new impulses and resume operating at optimal levels, while high blood pressure and acid-base levels are normalized. Sleep quality is increased and mobility in joints improved. In brief: a measurable increase in health and well-being, energy, vitality and the quality of life.

  • Cell regeneration
  • Skin regeneration and improved tone
  • Regulation of the metabolic process
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased circulation in hands and feet
  • Blood pressure is regulated
  • The immune system is strengthened
  • Improved joint mobility
  • Higher energy levels
  • Youthfulness and vitality

Stem Cell Therapy: Antiaging Medicine’s Secret Weapon

Our modern lifestyle, laden with stress, poor nutritional habits, and too little exercise as well as genetic predisposition and the normal aging process are responsible for weak points which may appear in the body over the course of a lifetime. We feel fatigued and depleted of energy, skin becomes sallow, hair becomes thinner, individual organs cease to function properly and may cause pain or discomfort. A vital- and regenerative medical treatment with stem cells at the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy is the most effective form of healing using endogenous resources. Its goal is to enable damaged tissue and systems to repair and heal themselves without the introduction of foreign substances.

Scientific research has proven that highly viable stem cells can be found in great numbers in adipose tissue. Treatment with stem cells taken from adipose tissue results in a systematic regeneration of damaged cell structures in the skin, connective tissue, organs, muscles, tendons, and nerves. Targeted treatment with stem cells cannot stop the normal aging process, but it can slow this process significantly. For this reason, treatment with stem cells is seen as a secret weapon within the field of modern antiaging medicine.

Stem Cell Therapy: Complementation and Optimization

The effects of the vital- and regenerative medical treatment with stem cells are optimized through additional, highly effective therapy focused on regeneration and rejuvenation. Our experts for Vital- and Regenerative Medicine, Diagnostics and Preventative Medicine create an individually-tailored course of therapy taken from our further focal areas including medical detox, immunity modulation cell renewal. A final status report, including personal care recommendations, rounds out the lasting and sustainable effects of this treatment, leading to improved health, energy levels and quality of life.

Consultation & Contact

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