Immunity Modulation: Strengthening the Body’s Defenses

Immunity Modulation: Strengthening the Body’s Defenses

The immune system is a defining factor for health and vitality. It protects us from detrimental influences day for day, 24/7, and consistently functions at peak levels to keep pathogens and toxins at bay. Physical strain caused by illness and/or the effects of a modern lifestyle such as stress, environmental influences, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and other factors can weaken the immune system and make us susceptible to illness and diseases or disorders. Targeted immunity modulation helps to strengthen the immune system, enabling it to successfully combat detrimental influences.

The experts for Vital- and Regenerative Medicine, Diagnostics and Preventative Medicine at the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy help bodily functions by strengthening the body’s own defense mechanisms with individual detox therapies, designed for the purposes of immunity modulation. Targeted therapy leads to the release of new vitality, enabling the body to successfully combat pathogens and detrimental influences, resulting in renewed energy and quality of life.

Immunity Modulation: Treatment and Beneficial Effects

Highly effective ingredients strengthen the immune system‘s activity and performance. Possible infectious and/or rheumatic processes are reduced and the protective effects of intestinal flora and the mucous membranes are improved, while the amount of white blood cells is optimized. The spleen, the body’s most important blood filter, and other organs responsible for the immune system activity are strengthened and revitalized. Each essential part of the immune system is reinforced anew, enabling it to play its optimal part in protecting the organism as a whole.

  • Increased performance
  • Rise in anti-inflammatory mechanisms
  • Strengthened metabolism
  • Strengthened anti-rheumatic processes
  • Regeneration of intestinal flora
  • Increase of mucous membranes
  • Increased anti-oxidants
  • Optimization of cellular blood components
  • Spleen and other important organs are strengthened

Marvelous Immune System: Complex Defenses against Health Burdens

The immune system is a complex interplay of numerous components which are interdependent and mutually dependent. Only when all elements, among others blood, intestinal flora, mucous membranes, bone marrow and the spleen are fully functional is it possible for the immune system to provide strong defenses and to successfully combat detrimental influences. However, these detrimental influences lay outside the scope of commonly recognized viral or bacterial pathogens.

One example is allergies, which are a misguided overreaction of the immune system to normally harmless substance such as pollen, certain foods or nickel. Often, individual allergies may demonstrate synergetic effects and can result in new forms of hypersensitivity or intolerance. In addition, autoimmune disorders, metabolic disorders, or lifestyle factors can result in disorders of the immune system. As this root causes are not always apparent at first glance, immunity modulation requires extensive finesse, experience and proficiency.

The experts for Vital- and Regenerative Medicine, Diagnostics and Preventative Medicine at the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy are specialized in diverse forms of immunity modulation and create a personalized, made-to-measure therapy concept and plan for each individual patient.

Immunity Modulation Complementation and Optimization

The effects of the immunity modulation treatment are optimized through additional, highly effective therapy focused on regeneration and rejuvenation. Our experts for Vital- and Regenerative Medicine, Diagnostics and Preventative Medicine create an individually-tailored course of treatment taken from our further focal areas including stem cell therapy, medical-detox and cell rejuvenation. A final status report, including personal care recommendations, rounds out the lasting and sustainable effects of this treatment, leading to improved health, energy levels and quality of life.

Consultation & Contact

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